Parras Bulk
Estrada Nacional 115 Vilar
2550 - 073 Vilar | Cadaval

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Management Policy

Ensuring maximum quality and food safety

Systematization and management of technical, regulatory and legal requirements, internationally recognized, providing the consumer with an appreciable and high quality product.

Satisfying the requirements of each client

Through a correct definition, execution and control of specifications related to products and / or services, we guarantee efficiency in meeting the needs and requirements of the customer.

Environmental responsibility

Application of practices capable of minimizing the environmental impact of the activity, both on site and in different regions.

Social responsability

Stimulated by a company culture that does not discriminate against people due to their condition and beliefs, which is realized in the management of human resources without exploitation of labor.

Sustainable organization

Established in a medium and long term business strategy capable of providing professional development to employees and profitability to investors.

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